Cut Flowers
Class 82 to 86

Coordinator: Susan Trivett
Committee: Cydney Smith, Lois Crowder

Information for Exhibitors:

  • Please see General Rules and Regulations page 7 & 8.

  • All Exhibitors are required to register under their own name not the name of their business or farm, such entries will be disqualified for judging.

  • Items to exhibit must be brought in between 6 pm & 9 pm Wednesday night September 6th or Thursday morning September 7th between 8 am and 10 am. Sunday: Exhibit hall closes at 4 pm to prepare for pickup of exhibits.

  • No exhibits to be removed from exhibit building before 4:30 pm Sunday.

  • Fair share 20% off prize money.

  • All entries to be grown by exhibitor.

  • No purple loosestrife will be accepted in arrangements.

  • Items in Bold are new or changed sections

  • One entry per person per section.

  • All entries to be considered fresh flowers unless specified otherwise.

  • Arrangements should be table top size.

All prize money in EACH SECTION of this CLASS will be DOUBLED thanks to the generosity of an Anonymous Donor.  

Prizes: Classes 82 and 83: 1st: $4; 2nd: $3; 3rd: $2
Prizes: Classes 84 to 86: 1st: $8; 2nd: $6; 3rd: $5
Prizes: Classes 86 section 1,8,9: 1st: $6; 2nd: $4; 3rd: $3

Additional Prizes:
Best Cut Flower: Rosette
Best Houseplant: Rosette
Best Arrangement: Rosette
Highest Points: Rosette

Class 82 Sections:

To be judged on quality of bloom, stem and limited amount of OWN foliage (no buds)

  1. Asters: four blooms, any variety, mixed colours

  2. Calendula: five blooms

  3. Cleome: one head

  4. Coleus Foliage: one stem

  5. Cosmos Double: five blooms, buds permitted

  6. Cosmos Standard: five blooms, any colour, buds permitted

  7. Dahlia under 5”: three blooms, any colour

  8. Dahlia Cactus Type: three blooms, any colour

  9. Dahlia Large: one bloom over 5”

  10. OneRose:anyvariety(named)

  11. Gladioli: one spike, any colour, canuse floral foam and own container

  12. Gladioli: three spikes, three different colours, canuse floral foam and own container

  13. Hosta Leaf, under 8” in width: all the same variety, three Stems (no flowers)

  14. Hosta Leaf, over 8” in width: all the same variety, three stems (no flowers)

  15. Hydrangea: one head any colour

  16. Any annual not in list: three blooms (named)

  17. Marigold under 2”: five blooms

  18. Marigold over 2” :three blooms

  19. Nasturtium: five blooms

  20. Pansy Mini: five blooms

  21. Any perennial not in list: three blooms (named)

  22. Petunia Double: five blooms any colour]

  23. Petunia Single: five blooms, any colour

  24. Phlox Perennial: three stems, any colour

  25. Rudbeckia (Daisy): three stems, any colour

  26. Sedum: one head any colour

  27. Sunflower: one stem, one flower under 8” in diameter

  28. Zinnias: three blooms

  29. Zinnias Pom-Pom: five blooms

Class 83 Sections [Potted Plants]:

Potted plants must be free of debris, disease and pests and be suitable for table display. Rim of pot/container not more that 10 inches in diameter

  1. African Violet: single flower

  2. African Violet: semi - double flower, any colour

  3. New Guinea impatiens: any colour, in bloom and potted

  4. Cactus: single, rooted

  5. Potted Petunias: any colours or combinations of, any variety

  6. Coleus: established in pot

  7. Any flowering houseplant not in list: in bloom (please provide plant name)

  8. Houseplant noted for foliage: no flowers or ivy (named)

  9. Any trailing plant: established in pot (named)

  10. Succulent: has leaves, no spines, 1-3 species in a container

  11. Orchid

  12. “Fairy Garden”: 20 inches maximum, all live plants, accessories allowed.

Class 84 Sections [Flower Arrangements]:

Make an arrangement using only the following flowers: twelve blooms maximum, any colour and foliage

  1. Collection of Herbs in water: five to seven plants, varieties named.

  2. Zinnas: displayed in rustic / country style container

  3. Pansies: displayed in container allowing 360 ̊ view

  4. Petunias: doubles/singles in suitable container

  5. “Steeped in tradition”: Rudebeckia displayed in teapot

Class 85 Sections [Arrangements']:

Make an arrangement using any flower and any foliage. Accessories acceptable. Please note any exception below.

  1. “April Showers bring May Flowers”: arrangement shown in suitable container

  2. “Autumn Beauty”: fall colours, fresh and dried flowers may be used

  3. “Evergreen Beauty”: winter arrangement using a variety of evergreens and foliage (may / may not have flowers)

  4. “Get Well Soon”: all-round arrangement, including a ‘get well’ message

  5. “Coffee Time”: arrangement in a coffee mug, may be themed

  6. “Teeny Weeney”: in unusual container, not to exceed 3” including container

  7. Modern arrangement: any number of flowers and greenery

  8. Ikebana style arrangement: maximum three flowers and suitable accent material

Class 86 Sections [Specials]:

  1. “A Rose is a Rose”: single rose in a suitable container

  2. “Support our Farmers”: themed display representing a type of farming

  3. Dried arrangement of grasses, weeds, flowers, seeds, foliage etc.

  4. Mini Complete: a miniature arrangement of tiny flowers - not over 4” in any direction5.

  5. “People put Flowers in weird Things”: arrangement of your choice

  6. Arrangement in any one colour / shades: any flower or combination of flowers

  7. “Lonesome Beauty”: single bloom (other than a rose)

  8. “Beauty on a Budget”: any one bloom floating on water

  9. “Celebrating”: arrangement displayed in a wine bottle



Attention All Exhibitors!

Deadline for Entries

ONLINE - September 10, 2019
ENTRY FORM – September 7, 2019

$1.00 late entry fee per item applicable after deadline | Late entry fees for livestock noted in the livestock section

Online Entries

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All prize money doubled indefinitely!!

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