Baby Show

Newborn - 4 Months Old

Least Hair Boys
Nathan Bennet of Kemptville

Most Hair Boys
Leyton Parker of Prescott

Most Hair Girls
Charlotte Easterbrook of Prescott

Chubbiest Boys
Emmett Carew of Johnstown 

Chubbiest Girls
Frances Rose Ritsma of Ottawa

Longest Eye Lashes Boys
Lyrik Campbell of Prescott

Longest Eye Lashes Girls
Mac Foster of Iroquois

9-12 Months

Chubbiest Boys
Owen Fox of Brockville

Cheeks Girls
Mackenly Nunn of Nepean

Sparkling Eyes Boys
Ryder Mayer of North Augusta

Sparkling Eyes Girls
Ama Barret of Spencerville

Curliest Hair Boys
Remington Covil of North Augusta

Curliest Hair Girls
Hanna Hall of Spencerville

Sunshine Smile Boys
Parker Johnson of Iroquois

Sunshine Smile Girls
Danica Norton of Kingston

Most Hair Girls
Cassidy Bradford of Maitland

5-9 Months Old

Fairest Hair Boys
Connor McCurdy of Johnstown

Fairest Hair Girls
Autumn Witteveen of Cardinal

Chubbiest Cheeks Girls
Lyla Hoare of Brockville 

Longest Eye Lashes Boys
Ciaran Kinch of North Augusta

Longest Eye Lashes Girls
Avery Silmser of Prescott

24 Babies in total entered this year including a set of twins. Sadly we had too much rain to have the amount we normally have! Make sure to bring your newborns out next year! 

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