Fancy Work
Class 77

Coordinator: Susan Trivett,
Committee: Linda Fowler, Carol Packwood, Sheila Farrell, Peggy Taylor, Vera Hendricks, Joyce Gower, Kathy Colwell.

Information for Exhibitors:

  • Please see General Rules and Regulations
  • All Exhibitors are required to register under their own name not the name of their business or farm.  Such entries will be disqualified for judging.
  • Items to exhibit must be brought in between 6pm & 9pm Wednesday night September 6th or Thursday morning September 7th between 8am and 10am
  • Sunday: Exhibit hall closes in afternoon to prepare for pickup of exhibits
  • No exhibits to be removed from exhibit building before 4:30 pm Sunday
  • Entry fee 20% off prize money
  • All work must not be shown more than 2 years.
  • All articles must be clean and in good condition.
  • All entry tags should be secured with safety pins
  • Names on work must be covered
  • Items in Bold Type are new classes or changes
  • Only one entry per section
  • Sample of materials attached for all quilts and sewing and where indicated
  • Note:  Exhibitor may enter only one exhibit per category/class
  • Please indicate if your quilt cannot go on further in competition.
  • Those persons wishing to enter their quilts in further competitions please follow ALL the rules for quilts on pages 75

All prize money in EACH SECTION of this CLASS will be DOUBLED for the 2017 due to the generosity of an Anonymous Donor.  

Prizes: Section: 1 – 9, 28, 29, 48; 1st: $10; 2nd: $8; 3rd: $6
Prizes: Sections: 10 – 27, 30 – 47; 49 – 93: 1st: $6; 2nd: $5; 3rd: $4


Full-size quilts may be a minimum of 72" x 90" or 324 measured on the perimeter. There is a size requirement to go on to the OAAS, the item can be judged here, but will not go on if not proper size. Quilts must include material and batting sample. Only items with sample will be judged. Wall hangings should be equipped to hang.

  • 1. Quilt: Pieced, no Appliqué - Hand Quilted
  • 2. Quilt: Pieced, no Appliqué - Machine Quilted
  • 3. Quilt: Exhibitors Choice - Hand Quilted
  • 4. Quilt: Exhibitors Choice - Machine Quilted
  • 5. Quilt: Judged on Quilting Only (cheater quilt accepted)
  • 6. Quilt: Top Only (Unfinished Quilt Top)
  • 7. Quilt: Tied
  • 8. Quilted Wall Hanging (with sleves up to 56`` x 48``) - Hand Quilted
  • 9. Quilted Wall Hanging (with sleves up to 56`` x 48``) - Machine Quilted
  • 10. Pair of Pot Holders - Quilted (sample of fabric material used for inside - heat resistant )
  • 11. Pair of Oven Mitts - Quilted (sample of fabric material used for inside - heat resistant)
  • 12. Quilted Item by Beginners
  • 13. Any Wearable Quilted Item - Machine or Hand Quilted
  • 14. Quilted Block not Quilted (mounted on Bristol board and secured on one side so it can be flipped to see the back)


Sewing must include material sample. Please ensure no names are showing.

  • 15. 4 Placemats
  • 16. Practical Apron – Any Style
  • 17. Toddler’s Car Seat Poncho
  • 18. Child’s Play Outfit
  • 19. Child’s Sleepwear
  • 20. Table Runner (not quilted)
  • 21. Lounge Flannel Pants
  • 22. Baby Bib
  • 23. Baby Blanket
  • 24. Halloween Costume
  • 25. Lady’s Blouse - new style hemline (to side, high front, low back, etc.)
  • 26. Novelty Item made from Fabric (not eligible to be entered in any other category)
  • 27. Lady’s Casual Pants – full leg length or below knee length


In the sweater categories, heavy indicates yarn suitable for outdoor wear. Sweaters should not be ironed. All items hand-knit, unless otherwise specified. Only items with sample yarn will be judged.

  • 28. Knitted Afghan (min 54") excluding fringe
  • 29. Knitted Afghan Lap Size or Throw (up to 36" x 48") no fringe
  • 30. Knitted Baby Blanket
  • 31. Knitted Baby Sweater and Hat
  • 32. Toddler’s Slippers up to size 4
  • 33. Knitted Neck Cowl
  • 34. Child's Pullover to size 16, straight needles - worsted yarn (medium)
  • 35. Child's Cardigan to size 16 - worsted yarn (medium) (with or without hood)
  • 36. Child’s Mitt and Hat Set
  • 37. Ladies Slippers
  • 38. Infinity Scharf
  • 39. Adult Sweater
  • 40. Item from novelty yarn
  • 41. Ladies Socks
  • 42. Adult Mitts
  • 43. Fingerless gloves - Not Mitts
  • 44. Child's Novelty Hat (Animal etc.)
  • 45. Men's Socks
  • 46. Knitted Gloves
  • 47. Knitted Child`s Toy (Child Safe)


Only items with sample yarn will be judged.

  • 48. Afghan Your Choice (minimum 54” ) (excluding fringe)
  • 49. Themed Afghan – Lap or Throw Size (no fringe)
  • 50. Crochet Adult Slippers
  • 51. Toddler’s Bootees or Slippers (up to size 4)
  • 52. Crocheted Baby Toy
  • 53. Crocheted Hat (any size)
  • 54. Messy Bun Hat – Opening for Bun or Ponytail) any size
  • 55. Shawl or Poncho - Adult
  • 56. Item made from Novelty Yarn


  • 57. Needlepoint on plastic canvas
  • 58. Needlepoint article
  • 59. Embroidered Pillowcases (not cross stitch) matching pair
  • 60. Create a Picture or Small Wall Hanging with Embroidery Stitching (Accessories allowed e.g. buttons, beads, etc)
  • 61. Counted cross-stitched article, framed
  • 62. Seasonal Guest Towel (any handiwork)
  • 63. Crazy Quilt Block - 8” square accented with a variety of embroidery stitches


  • 64. Novelty Cushion
  • 65. Handmade Mobile
  • 66. Crib-size Stuffed Toy (toddler under 3 years) – Child Safe
  • 67. Stuffed Toy (toddler over 3 years) – Child Safe
  • 68. Rustic Craft using Burlap
  • 69. Jewellery – matched set – two pieces or more
  • 70. A Coffee Cup or Mug Cozy – displayed on a Cup or Mug
  • 71. Halloween Item – not ceramic
  • 72. Back Pack (adult or child size) (any technique)
  • 73. Shopping Bag, Sewn (must be 11” x 12” or larger) – material sample
  • 74. Shopping Bag, Other Than Sewn (must be 11” x 12” or larger) – material sample
  • 75. Felted Item – eg. Scarf, purse, slippers –
  • 76. Hand Made Item as seen on Pinterest – please include copy of Pinterest pin
  • 77. Hand Made Rug – hooked, crocheted, knitted etc.
  • 78. Sun-catcher from Reclaimed Materials
  • 79. A Mug Rug – any medium, any technique
  • 80. Canada Day Door Decoration – any medium
  • 81. Woven Item eg. Placemat, Tablerunner
  • 82. Stained Glass Article
  • 83. Decorative Use of a Mason Jar or Jars
  • 84. Something Useful from Something Useless – State what it was before


  • 85. Door Decoration
  • 86. Beaded Jewellery Set
  • 87. Traditional Style Christmas Stocking (ready to hang)
  • 88. Novelty Stocking (ready to hang)
  • 89. Table Centrepiece – any style – no real greens
  • 90. Collection of Three Ornaments – attractively displayed
  • 91. Tree Skirt
  • 92. Christmas Tree Top Decoration – any medium
  • 93. Free Standing Figure – any medium – may be up to approx. 2’ eg. Santa, Father Christmas or Snowman


Prize for 1st place Only Sections 94-96: 1st: $10

  • 94. Handmade Teddy Bear
  • 95. Stuffed Toy to be played with; by toddler
  • 96. Coat for a Pet
  • 97. “Let’s Help” Each year St. Lawrence O’Toole Church in Spencerville sends knitted/crocheted items of clothing for infants and children to Natuashish in northern Newfoundland. If you wish to knit items or to donate left over wool to help keep children cozy, consider donating as an entry in our Fair. Items needed: hats, mitts, sweaters and/or socks in infant or children’s size. Bring items marked “Let’s Help”. Your name will be entered in a draw including a wristband for admission to the fair.
  • 98. “Let’s Help” Pillowcases for CHEO. Standred size pillowcases. Please use Cheery Child Prints. Pillowcases will be donated to CHEO. Brighten a Child’s stay in Hospital.

The winner of the most points in Class 77, sections 1- 93 receives a $25 prize.

Spencerville Agricultural Society Quilt Block Competition Guidelines for 2017

Prizes in each category: 1st: $6; 2nd: $5; 3rd: $4

Section: 99

The theme for this year's quilt block competition is “Your Favourite Flower".

Blocks will be judged in four categories.

  • 1. Appliqué - Hand, with optional accent embroidery
  • 2. Pieced - Either hand or machine
  • 3. Embroidery - Hand only
  • 4. Anything Goes - Any other category

Judging standards state that in appliqué, embroidery stitches may be used for decoration only. You may enter a block in each category, but only one in each category.

Please use the block provided as background for all blocks. The other piece is for sashing, you must use some of this in your block (except the embroidered blocks). Blocks are 13” square. Please put your name on the square at least 2” from the lower right hand corner of the block.Please return unused material with your finished blocks by mail or to the exhibit building of the fair.

Please return unused material with your finished blocks by mail or to the exhibit building of the fair.
Return the blocks by fair time, before 10:00 am Thursday at the fair for judging or mail to:

Bobby Campbell
5875 County Road 18, R. R. # 2
Spencerville, Ontario K0E 1X0

If you need more blocks please contact Bobby Campbell. If you have unused blocks please return them. Thank you.
The Spencerville Agricultural Society thanks you for your support.


Prizes: 1st: $25; 2nd: $15; 3rd: $10

Annual Hand Quilted Competition

Must have entered in section 1,3 and 8
Entry must be solely made and hand quilted by the exhibitor
Entry quilts must be a minimum of 324 inches measured on the perimeter
Smaller quilts will not be eligible to proceed to the next level of competition)
Grand Champion quilt will go to District level for judging
Winner of District advances to the annual OAAS Convention for judging

Annual Machine Quilted Quilt Competition

Must have entered in sections 2, 4 and 9
Entry must be solely made and machine quilted by the exhibitor
Minimum 192 inches, measured on the perimeter
Can be square or rectangular etc.
Grand Champion quilt will go to District level for judging
Winner of District advances to the annual OAAS Convention for judging

A copy of complete details regarding all OAAS quilt competitions is available at the Fair Office, or go to competitions at www.ontariofairs,com


Attention All Exhibitors!

Deadline for Entries September 2nd, 2017

$1.00 late entry fee per item applicable after deadline | Late entry fees for livestock noted in the livestock section

Online Entries

Click Here for the Exhibitor Login

All prize money doubled indefinitely!!

Download Entry Forms

2017 Cattle, Sheep & Goats Entry Form
2017 Home Craft Entry Form
2017 Poultry & Small Animal Entry Form
2017 Horse Entry Form


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