Question 1

Q: Why would I buy my tickets online?

A: Because you will love it! It is simple and easy, you get an email which contains barcodes for all the tickets you bought so you can’t lose them AND when you buy our pre-sale midway tickets online in combination with admission, you will get extra rides for free!

Question 2

Q: Why do you charge a transaction fee?

A: As we offer you the convenience for buying your tickets from your lazy chair we think 1$ per orders under $200 and 2$ for all orders over, regardless of the number of tickets you buy is a fair fee. We considered increasing the tickets or charging a fee per ticket but felt this is better for everyone.

Question 3

Q: Why do I have to pay a Credit Card Transaction fee?

A: These are the cost the credit card company charges for processing your credit card. Instead of increasing our tickets we like to keep it transparent.

Question 4

Q: How much is the Credit Card Transaction fee?

A: The fee is 2.5% and only charged on the tickets (so it is not charged for the transaction fee).

Q: How do I pay?

A: You can use a VISA or MasterCard.

Question 5

Q: What if I want to pay cash?

A: Come and see us in the Fair office, check for the office hours here: contact

Question 6

Q: How many tickets can I buy online?

A: You can buy as many as you want!

Question 7

Q: How do I get a discount code?

A: Keep an eye on our Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram, as we will be doing promotions to get you excited about coming to our Fair! Come home to your Fair!

Question 8

Q: Why do I get an error when I enter my discount code on the second or third page?

A: Good question, we asked the same and have been told that this is a design issue and something we will have to live with. Start your online order again and enter the code on the first page and it will all work fine.

Question 9

Q: What happens after I complete my order?

A: After the payment is validated the order is completed and you receive a confirmation on the screen with the order number. You will also receive a confirmation email, while for each ticket you bought you will receive a separate email with the QR code ticket.

Question 10

Q: What if I don’t receive the confirmation emails?

A: We apologize if something went wrong. If you are certain your order got confirmed please contact us at and we will be able to help you.

Question 11

Q: How do I know if my tickets are real and will work when I bring them to the gates?

A: All generated bar codes are unique and can be scanned only one time. So as long as you keep your tickets yourself and bring the printed or on your mobile phone to the Fair you will be good!

Question 12

Q: What if I change my mind?

A: You go online and buy additional tickets! Oh, you meant when you want to come Sunday instead of Saturday? In that case you will have to find a friend who wants to go on Saturday and buy a new ticket for Sunday. All our sales are final and non-refundable.

Question 13

Q: What if it rains and I don’t feel like getting wet?

A: Well sadly enough we have no control over that, so we suggest you be good after you bought your tickets and we will get great weather we all deserve!

Question 14

Q: What is Rough Camping?

A: Since we are not a camp ground but instead you will be staying with us on our fair grounds, it could get a bit “rough” without the usual camping amenities. So bring whatever you need and spend the weekend with us!

Question 15

Q: What do I get when I buy a weekend of Rough Camping?

A: As of 4 pm Wednesday September 11 you will be able to move into the campground with your camper, trailer or tent and can stay till until Monday September 16. And each camping ticket comes with 2 free weekend armbands to fully enjoy our Fair. Check out the details on Rough Camping

Question 16

Q: Can I still buy tickets at the gate?

A: Yes you can!

Question 17

Q: Do you have an "all you can ride" wristbands this year?

A: Yes, we do, like all years for the Friday only. Sadly enough we cannot offer you the wristbands through our online ticket sales as these are only sold on the day itself at the Midway boots. They cost 30 CAD.

Question 18

Question 19

Q: I bought my tickets online and now what?

A: When you bought admission and entertainment tickets, all you need to do is bring the email with the bar codes to the gate. They will scan it there and provide you with a wristband (for the day, or the weekend) or an entertainment ticket. If you bought Midway tickets you will have to come into the office during the office hours or the fair to redeem the bar code for the true Midway coupons. When you booked a Camping spot we will need more info from you, for which we will email you the form which you can bring into the fair office at the time you arrive or during fair office hours which are posted online.

Question 20

Q: I have not received a Fair book this year, did you already mail them out?

A: We have already mailed out our Fair books, but this year we have decided, due to cost of the stampage, to only send a copy to those who indicated this on their entry form. If you have not received one but still want a hardcopy (you can find a pdf version on our website) please come and get one in the Fair office during the opening hours (also posted online - or contact us on and we are happy to mail you one.

Q: Can we bring our dog to the fair?

A: Although we love all animals, we can not imagine that unlike you, they will have a great time at our Fair. However, if you still want to bring your dog, it will have to be leashed and under your control at all times. While on the Fair grounds your dog will be fully your responsibility. There will be areas where we, out of safety concerns, will not allow dogs. These areas will be clearly marked. Dogs are also not allowed in the entertainment tent.

Question 21