Horse Classes and Sections

Coordinator: Susan Trivett
Committee: Dorothy Seeley, Jeff Roddick, Shelley & Mike Stephenson and Sheila Bush

Information for Exhibitors:

  • Please see General Rules and Regulations page 7 & 8.

  • All Exhibitors required registering under their own name not the name of their business or farm. Such entries will be disqualified for judging.

  • Entries MUST be received by Saturday September 7.

  • Submit entries to address and/or fax number on the entry form. OR enter online at

  • All Exhibitors required to preregister

  • Absolutely no late entries on the day of the show

  • An Exhibitor is the person showing or handling an animal, not necessarily the owner of said animal.

  • Each Exhibitor pays a $10 Exhibitor fee.

  • Fair share 20% off all prize money.

  • No Exhibitor will be allowed more than two (2) entries in any class.

  • Exhibitors when submitting their entry forms are required to forward proof of mandatory 2019 negative Coggins and proof of TWO million dollar liability insurance for the current year for all animals being shown at the fair.

  • Entries will not be processed until this information is received

  • Under no circumstances should an animal exhibiting signs of transmittable disease be taken to the Spencerville Fair. The show committee and other Fair officials have the right to refuse entry of any animal showing signs of an infectious skin disease (e.g., warts, ringworm). If a vet check is required, it will be at the expense of the exhibitor.

  • Passes will not be mailed, check the Rules and Regulations

  • Exhibitors are responsible for their own errors and those of their agents in preparation of entry forms.

  • Any person who attempts to interfere with the judges while in the discharge of their duties or who at any time on the premises of the Society use any contemptuous or abusive language to any judge in consequence of any award made by the judge shall forfeit the right to any premium to which the person might otherwise be entitled and may be excluded from exhibiting for one year thereafter.

  • Judges are particularly requested to immediately report any such breach of this rule.

  • Exhibitors must show when class is called and any horse showing for a society prize can only show in the same class for specials. Combined ownership is permitted.All prize money in EACH SECTION of this CLASS will be DOUBLED due to the generosity of an Anonymous Donor.  


Attention All Exhibitors!

Deadline for Entries

ONLINE - September 10, 2019
ENTRY FORM – September 7, 2019

$1.00 late entry fee per item applicable after deadline | Late entry fees for livestock noted in the livestock section

Online Entries

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All prize money doubled indefinitely!!

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Heavy Horse
Class 110

Open to Registered 

Belgians, Percherons and Clydesdales

Heavy Horse Division all hitch classes will have the top four exhibitors placed by the judge.
All hitch classes must have an assistant except cart classes.

Heavy Horse Sections: 

  • 1. Light Draft Mare or Gelding on line.

  • 2. Light Draft Team hitched to suitable wagon.

  • 3. Heavy Draft Mare or Gelding on line.

  • 4. Heavy Draft Team hitched to suitable wagon.

  • 5. Heavy Horse Cart Class: Open.

  • 6. Heavy Draft Unicorn Hitch.

  • 7. Best Heavy Horse Four-Horse Hitch.

  • 8. Heavy Horse Cart Class: Heritage Dress.

  • 9. Six Horse Hitch.

  • 10. Best Lady Driver Heavy Team – Lady drivers may be asked to back up and fan team 180 degrees.

  • 11. Heavy Horse Tandem Hitch shown to wagon or cart.

  • 12. Ladies Cart Class

Junior Exhibitor Division Sections: 

  • 13. Junior Driving Competition hitched to wagon: open to boys or girls 18 years of age and under as of January 1st this year.

  • 14. Junior Showmanship: 18 years of age and under as of January 1st this year, is judged on, 50% performance of show-person and horse (leading, setting up the horse, training, behavior) and 50% on overall appearance of the handler and horse (grooming of horse and attire of the showperson).

  • 15. Junior Driver Cart Class: open to boys or girls 18 years of age and under as of January 1st this year.