Sheep Show
Class 40 to 45

Saturday September 14th, 2019 at 12:00 pm

Committee: Ed Cavanagh 613-275-2113

Information for Exhibitors:

  • Please see General Rules and Regulations page 7 & 8.

  • All entries must be in the hands of the Fair Secretary by Saturday, September 7, 2019

  • Fair share 20% off all prize money

  • Address and/or fax number on the entry forms.

  • Entry sheets must show the owner’s name and address in full; the animals name, registration number and exact age: and the names and registration numbers of

  • the animal’s sire and dam. Registration numbers must be included, or the entry will be refused.

  • All purebred animals must be registered in the name of the exhibitor on or before the closing date for entry.

  • Entries cannot be changed after the closing date. However, up to the time of showing, substitution of entries will be accepted where animals become unfit to show. Substitution means the replacement of another animal in the same section. Open to all sheep producers

  • A farm or breeding unit may make one entry per section and may choose two sections in which to make two entries. All sheep, whether owned by one person or more than one person individually or jointly, which are maintained on one farm or breeding unit are considered to be the production of one farm or breeding unit.

  • A valid health certificate issued after June 1st this year must be available at all times. All Exhibitors must follow dress code for single classes: black pants, white shirt. Sheep shown in the purebred classes must bear proper identification marks and may be examined at any time.

  • All purebred sheep must be identified by tattoo.

  • All Breeds except Leicesters and North Country Cheviots must be shown with less than one inch of fleece.

  • Any class with only one breeder entered, will be transferred to the all breeds class In order to comply with the Canadian Sheep Identification Program all sheep and lambs must be tagged with the C.S.I.P. ear tag.

  • Any animal without this tag will be barred from showing and must be removed from the exhibition building.

  • Junior Show to take place at 1:00 pm. Limited to 15 children under the age of 14.

  • For full prize money, there must be two exhibitors and twelve animals

All prize money in EACH SECTION of this CLASS will be DOUBLED thanks  to the generosity of an Anonymous Donor.  

North Country: Class 40
Leicester: Class 41
Suffolk: Class 42
Hampshire: Class 45
All Breeds: Class 46
Market Lamb: Class 48

Prizes: 1st: $22; 2nd: $19; 3rd: $17; 4th: $15
Section 48 Market Lamb: Prizes: 1st: $11; 2nd:$10; 3rd: $8; 4th:$7

For full prize money, there must be two exhibitors and twelve animals


  1. Ewe Yearling: third pair of temporary incisors must be in place

  2. Ewe (born the property of the exhibitor): first pair of temporary incisors must be in place. (Champion and Reserve Champion Ewe for each breed)

  3. Ram Yearling: third pair of temporary incisions must be in place.

  4. Ram: (born the property of the exhibitor): first pair of temporary incisors must be in place. (Champion and Reserve Champion Ram for each breed)

  5. Get of Sire: (group of three animals with full mouth of milk teeth and by the same sire): born the property of the exhibitor (both sexes may be presented and gets must be shown; animals may or may not have been shown in previous sections

  6. Group of Four Animals: (at least one and not more than two rams): bred and owned by the exhibitor (each animal must have been judged in one of the fore mentioned sections)


Attention All Exhibitors!

Deadline for Entries

ONLINE - September 10, 2019
ENTRY FORM – September 7, 2019

$1.00 late entry fee per item applicable after deadline | Late entry fees for livestock noted in the livestock section

Online Entries

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All prize money doubled indefinitely!!

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