Our Past, Our Present, Our Future

A Message From Our President

First off, I would like to welcome you all to the 162nd annual Spencerville Fair!

I would like to thank our past president, Randy Norton for his years of service. As I look forward to representing the fair and the Agricultural Society in our community for the next 2 years. It is Our Past, Our Present, and Our Future!

As always there is sure to be something for everyone, young and old, at our fair. Your going to see old friends from near and far, and you just might make some new ones at this years event. While we are all celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday this year, the fair has joined in with the them “Red and white, show your pride!”

I also would like to say in advance a huge THANK YOU to all of our sponsors, including those who give in financial support and those who give in gifts and/or services in any kind. I would also like the thank the very large volunteer group, who help every year put this memorable event on. We could not do it without you all!!

As we, from the Society all pray to the weather Gods for sunshine and great temperatures, we look forward to seeing you all enjoying the fair and making memories for another year.

See you in September. WE ARE EXPECTING YOU!
Your President, Shelley Stephenson 2017 - 2019


A Message From Our Fair Ambassador

Being the 2017-2018 Spencerville Fair Ambassador has already been so amazing and I have accomplished so much. I’ve got so much to look forward to in the coming year.

One of my main goals for my year as ambassador is to get more youth involved. Not just in the fair, but in agriculture and their communities. It is so important to be involved in your youth. You’ll make friends, learn valuable lessons and gain knowledge you wouldn’t have otherwise.  Being involved in agriculture and the fair has helped me grow as a person and shape my values that I have today.

My weekend at the fair this year was exhilarating, exciting and exhausting. I met so many new people and was able to talk about everything the fair had to offer. I attended many events over the weekend. Just to name some, handing out ribbons and trophies at various agriculture shows, riding in a six-horse hitch, and announcing tractor pulls and demolition derby cars. 

Since the fair, I have attended a few opening ceremonies for other fairs in our district and plowed in the Grenville County plowing match. I have also attended a Spencerville Agricultural Society meeting and a Euchre fundraiser. I attended the Remembrance Day ceremony in Spencerville and was honoured represent the Spencerville Agricultural Society by laying a wreath. I have been busy to say the least but I am enjoying every second of it!

This year will be the 40th anniversary of the Ambassador competition at the Spencerville Fair, with many more years to come! I am so excited to be a part of the anniversary celebrations this year alongside my mom who was a previous fair ambassador also. I hope that in the future the ambassador program continues to help youth develop their leadership skills and be successful in their futures. 

I am looking forward to all the opportunities coming in the year ahead and I want to thank everyone who has supported me thus far! I will be heading off to the CNE in August where I will represent Spencerville on a provincial platform at the Ambassador of the Fairs program. I hope to continue to be a role model for youth in our amazing community throughout the year.

Thank you everyone for everything!
Chloe Severson, Spencerville Fair Ambassador 2017-2018

Join us for our regular meetings held on the second Monday of every month.

For more information contact (613) 658-3333 or info@spencervillefair.ca


Spencerville Agricultural Society Board Of Directors

President — Shelley Stephenson
First Vice President — Julia Roddick
Second Vice President — Mike Mills
Treasurer — Michael Stephenson
Secretary — Esther Vrieze



Barbara Vail
Brian Seeley
Dennis Colautti
Eric Connell
George Vail

Harold Malcomson
Jeff Roddick
Joe Lawrence
Rebecca Lawrence
Tammy Ferguson



Arlene Murphy
Barbara Roddick
Bobby Campbell
Bonnie Norton
Bryan Cook
Carla Saunders
Carol Butcher
Carol Jones-Packwood
Carson Illingworth
Darcy Dejong
Debbie Lawrence

Darcy Dejong
Debbie Lawrence
Debbie Miller
Dorothy Seeley
Gord Mills
Helen Rice
Justin Roddick
Kathryn Connell
Mark Packwood
Paul Bouchard

Phillip Malcomnson
Rob Hawkins
Roger Miller
Sally Simms
Sally Tuffin
Sheila Farrell
Spencer Cook
Stephanie Summers
Steve Summers
Susan TeGrotenhuis
Susan Trivett



Allister Brown
Barb Malcomson
Brandon Shipman
Chris McIntyre
Claude Blanchette
Daniel Lassenba
Darlene Dillabough
Dave Graham
Doug Cleary
Doug Cook
Edward Cavanagh

Erwin Kelso
Gary McWilliams
Jessica Roddick
Joshua Roddick
Kaitlin Norton
Kaylee Roddick
Kelsey Dillabough
Kiana Carmichael
Krista Dillabough
Kristy Flynn
Martha Sloan
Melissa Workman

Michael Tracey
Mike Cucman
Ryan Sloan
Steve Noccey
Steve Polite
Steve Rainey
Travis Stephenson
Vickie Cameron
Vickie Cucman
Wayne Dillabough
Wendy Pettit


Evelyn McWilliams
Jenny Learmonth
Julianna Hawkins

Keira Hawkins

Luceus Bouchard
Madison Wright
Olivia Cook



1950-51 : H.E. Baker*
1952-53 : William Burchell*
1954-55 : P.R. Barnard*
1956-57 : W.J. Brown*
1958-59 : John Bruce*
1960-61 : James Magee*
1962-63 : Stanley Price*
1964-65 : Jim Bennett
1966-67 : Beryl Bruce*
1968-69 : William Hooper*
1970-71 : Ross Somerville*
1972-73 : Fred Martin*
1974-75 : Harold McBryde*
1976-77 : Russell Bennett
1978-79 : David Sloan
1980-81 : Graham Burchell

1982-83 : Muriel Irving*
1984-85 : Andrew Lawrence
1986-87 : Bill Hooper
1988-89 : Carol Shannon
1990-91 : Martin Connell
1992-93 : Glenn Somerville*
1994-95 : Bill Horner
1996-97 : Rod Norton*
1998-00 : Jeff Roddick
2001-02 : Harold Malcomson
2002-04: Sheila Bush
2005-07: Dennis Colautti
2008-10: Brian Seeley
2010-13: Robert Drummond
2014-16 - Randy Norton



Gord Brown, M.P.   |   Steve Clark, M.P.P.


Jim Bennett   |   Elsie McBryde   |    Andy Lawrence   |   Marilynne Drummond

If you'd like to donate your time and skills and be a part of a successful agricultural fair, contact (613) 658-3333.

The Spencerville Fair Sponsorship Network focuses on gathering funds in support of Spencerville Fair programming, making certain that sponsors are properly acknowledged and ensuring the longevity of the Spencerville Agricultural Society.