• Categories will be divided into two groups- solo and group.

  • Amateurs only, professionals may not compete for prizes.

  • Contestants will be judged on both talent and performance.

  • Each “act” should be held to a maximum of four minutes.

  • Performance must be suitable for all ages.

  • No coaching allowed during performance.

  • A sound system is provided. Any additional equipment (guitar, amps, drums, etc.)
    will be the responsibility of performer(s).

  • Contestants are responsible for their own accompaniment (CD’s).

  • There will be only instrumental accompaniment on CD’s for vocal contestants.

  • Judging is done by a panel and winners are based on a numerical score.

  • Winners agree to have their picture and/or name published for promotional

  • Contestants may only enter and compete in one category.

  • Organizers reserve the right of final decision in matters not covered by the rules.

  • Fair share 20% of all prize money.