Vocals - Instrumental - Dance

Group 1: 14 years and under as of August 1, 2017
Prizes: 1st: $40; 2nd: $20; 3rd: $10; 4th: $5 for each of the three talent sections

Group 2: 15 years to 21 years as of August 1, 2017
Prizes: 1st: $50; 2nd: $30; 3rd: $20 for each of the three talent sections

And a trophy for the Grand Champion!

Download the 2017 Entry Form (2018's form TBA). 

Deadline for Entries is August 30th, 2018.
To enter Call 613-658-3333 or apply below!


  • Limited entries will be accepted.
  • Amateurs only, professionals may not compete for prizes.
  • Contestants will be judged on both talent and performance.
  • Each "act" should be held to a maximum of three minutes.
  • Performance must be suitable for all ages.
  • Coaching of the contestants during the performance on stage, will warrant disqualifications of contestant(s).
  • A sound system is provided. Any additional equipment (guitar, amps, drums, etc) will be the responsibility of performer(s).
  • Contestants are responsible for their own accompaniment (CDs).
  • There will be no vocal accompaniment on CDs for vocal contestants. 
  • Judges will not enter into discussion with parents, guardians of contestant or associates.
  • The judges' decision is final!
  • Winners agree to have their picture and/or name published for promotional purposes. 
  • Contestants may only enter and compete in one category; Dance, Vocal, or Instrument. 
  • Organizers reserve the right of final decision in matters not covered by the rules. 
  • Entry fee 20% of all prize money.

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