Vocals - Instrumental - Dance

Group 1: 14 years and under as of August 1, 2018
Prizes: 1st: $40; 2nd: $20; 3rd: $10; 4th: $5;  for each of the three talent sections

Group 2: 15 years to 21 years as of August 1, 2018
Prizes: 1st: $50; 2nd: $30; 3rd: $20; for each of the three talent sections

And a trophy for the Grand Champion!

Download the 2018 Entry Form. 

To enter Call 613-340-3757, email sallytuffin71@gmail.com or apply below!


  1. Limited entries will be accepted.
  2. Amateurs only, professionals may not compete for prizes.
  3. Contestants will be judged on both talent and performance.
  4. Each "act" should be held to a maximum of three minutes.
  5. Performance must be suitable for all ages.
  6. Coaching of the contestants during the performance on stage, will warrant disqualifications of contestant(s).
  7. A sound system is provided. Any additional equipment (guitar, amps, drums, etc) will be the responsibility of performer(s).
  8. Contestants are responsible for their own accompaniment (CDs).
  9. There will be no vocal accompaniment on CDs for vocal contestants. 
  10. Judges will not enter into discussion with parents, guardians of contestant or associates.
  11. The judges' decision is final!
  12. Winners agree to have their picture and/or name published for promotional purposes. 
  13. Contestants may only enter and compete in one category; Dance, Vocal, or Instrument. 
  14. Organizers reserve the right of final decision in matters not covered by the rules. 
  15. Entry fee 20% of all prize money.

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