Church Organization
Class 97

Committee: Sally Tuffin - 613-658-5772

Information for Exhibitors:

  • Please see General Rules and Regulations.
  • Be sure to have exhibitor number before bringing in entries.
  • Must enter eight articles from the following list to include in display.
  • All entries are to be homemade.
  • Entries must be the work of the members of the organization.
  • Please cover food with clear wrap, no mixes permitted.
  • Canned exhibits should be in 500 ml jars, properly sealed, no wax.
  • Fasten tags to jar not lid.
  • Entries are judged 60% on workmanship and 40% on general appearance.
  • Perishable items will be judged on taste.
  • Exhibits may be brought in on Wednesday, September 6th starting at 6:00 pm.
  • They must be in place by 10:00 am Thursday September 7th when judging starts.
  • No exhibits to be removed from exhibit building before 4:30 pm Sunday.
  • Entry fee 20% off prize money.

All prize money in EACH SECTION of this CLASS will be DOUBLED for 2017 due to the generosity of an Anonymous Donor. 

Prizes: 1st: $14; 2nd: $9; 3rd: $7
Most Attractive Display: Rosette
Church with most Points: Rosette

Theme Display: “Homecoming Party for the Prodigal Son”

  • 1. Decorated Cake - because every party needs a cake.
  • 2. Dinner Rolls - 4 on a plate, can't have a dinner without rolls.
  • 3. Homemade Salsa - nothing livens up a party like salsa.
  • 4. Homemade Wine - Wine is great at a celebration.
  • 5. Sewn Robe - to cloth your son and make him feel welcome.
  • 6. Crocheted Party Hat – hats for your guests.
  • 7. Homemade Jewelry - to go with the robe.
  • 8. Quilt Block – commemorating his return. 
  • 9. Hame-made Invitation to Homecoming Part - because you ill want a crowd to help celebrate. 
  • 10. Wreath - artificial materials, in a welcome home theme.
  • 11. Homemade Soap or Bath Product - after living with the pigs he will need a bath. 
  • 12. Handwritten Bible passage from the book of Luke 15: 11 - 32

Attention All Exhibitors!

Deadline for Entries September 2nd, 2017

$1.00 late entry fee per item applicable after deadline | Late entry fees for livestock noted in the livestock section

Online Entries

Click Here for the Exhibitor Login

All prize money doubled indefinitely!!

Download Entry Forms

2017 Cattle, Sheep & Goats Entry Form
2017 Home Craft Entry Form
2017 Poultry & Small Animal Entry Form
2017 Horse Entry Form


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